Assistant Grand Master

Paul Schultz



It seems a long time ago that my friend and mentor RW Bro Ray Chaffer PDGM asked if I would like to help him demonstrate some ritual to a few Lodges of Instruction. That simple request has led to a commitment to help brethren deliver ceremonies accurately and with meaning.

The allegories and messages in our ritual are an integral part of who we are as Freemasons. Being able to deliver ritual well means it is much easier to understand the allegory, and the message conveyed by a charge.

Time and ability may mean that not all of us are able to become excellent ritualists but that should not prevent us understanding the meaning conveyed by the ceremony, nor should it prevent any mason from providing assistance and instruction to other brethren.

I am very privileged to have been appointed by the Grand Master (the custodian of our ritual) as the Assistant Grand Master. I look forward to visiting lodges across the state and helping them provide education to the brethren in their care.