Freemasonry is
RW Bro Henry Trow and Bro Doug Hill

With absolutely no hall income due to the Covid-19 situation the brethren of Lodge Courallie are taking things into their own hands.

VW Bro Kevin Alchin and RW Bro Charles Wattle working on the front fence of the Hawkesbury Masonic Centre

Lodge Richard Coley members have been active over the last two months conducting working Bees at the Hawkesbury Masonic Centre. The WM, W Bro Garry Ragen, has organised weekly functions to paint the front fence of the building. This is to get the members together again after all the isolation and no lodge meetings.

Freemasons from Germany support the Grand Master’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

With the current situation that affects us all worldwide it is easy to shift our focus and forget that, only a few months ago, bushfires ran wild destroying our lands and communities.

In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for those who returned carrying ongoing battle-scars including physical and mental illness and for those who are currently serving.
God bless them all.

As news about coronavirus has flooded the airwaves, it’s understandable that Australia’s previous disaster has become a distant memory.

The beehive is another masonic symbol common in United States Freemasonry, but almost unheard of
in emulation style working. Although extant in older rituals and charges, in England and Wales it was dropped after the Union of 1813.

Is Masonry relevant?

The 21st century has turned out to be an era of colossal changes – globalisation, artificial intelligence, space exploration, social media, and the expansion of private enterprise which have seen growth of unprecedented proportions.

Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

The village of Sob Ruak on the banks of the Mekong River, where the Ruak River discharges into the Mekong is referred to as the centre of ‘The Golden Triangle.


In a world often dictated by hate and segregation, membership of an organisation capable of uniting men of all religions, colours and even accents is more relevant than ever.

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