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In July 2013, Mr Ross McIntosh recommended Grand Lodge to visit the Register of War Memorials web site:

This web site contains information and photos of three (3) war memorials at the Balcombe Heights Estate (the former William Thompson Masonic Schools), the WWI Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Commemorative Stone for the 103rd Australian General Hospital.

There are not many people who can claim to have taught a King how to speak!

Australian speech therapist Lionel George Logue became quietly famous in the late 1930s and became much better known when the film ‘The King's Speech’ was recently released starring actor Colin Firth as King George VI and Logue portrayed by Australian Geoffrey Rush.

It is the world's fifth largest river and has a history which involves wildlife, aboriginal lands, cattle and sheep stations and some of Australia's earliest pioneers.

The Murray and Darling River system covers one third of the Australian continent and comes from vast catchment areas in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. It is responsible for providing water to two-thirds of Australia's irrigation areas.

Loved it or hated it, you can blame or praise the Eastern Suburbs Railway for the demise of the old Sydney Stadium.

It was located at the corner of New South Head Road and Neild Avenue, Rushcutter’s Bay; now the railway line runs elevated across the site.

Centennial Park is one of Sydney’s biggest and most popular playgrounds for people of all ages. It has sports fields, ponds, walking areas and space for barbecues and picnics.

But underneath the grass and the wide spaces lies another world – the fifth oldest reservoir still in operation today as part of Sydney’s water supply system (the first was the Crown Street Reservoir completed in 1859, which is still in use).

The proposed introduction of a light rail system, similar to the trams of yesteryear, has prompted many memories of the days when trams provided the major means of transportation in Sydney.

Trams were first introduced in Sydney in 1879 with various improvements over the years until the State Government ordered their removal in 1961. The final runs in that year were attended by huge crowds to farewell a system which had overseen major changes to the city of Sydney.

The stonemason’s lewis is a device used in raising and lowering stone blocks in the course of building construction as exemplified by the smooth ashlar in the tripod usually found on or by the Senior Warden’s chair.

The Romans, in their day, are thought to have used it in the building of the Flavian Amphitheatre and the Saxons in the building of Whitby Abbey in the seventh century.

Tonight is perhaps not the night to explore the machinations resulting in the formation of the United Grand Lodge of NSW. Formed in 1877 from Lodges previously owing allegiance to Ireland and Scotland.

Before our United Grand Lodge was established, masonic unity had been a known preoccupation of Lord Carrington.


In a world often dictated by hate and segregation, membership of an organisation capable of uniting men of all religions, colours and even accents is more relevant than ever.

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