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Published December 2019

The Grand Master's Christmas message

As Freemasons, we strive to live by the fundamental principles of brotherly love and truth. We promote self-development, charity, community service, and importantly, we encourage and support ourselves as individuals.

Our lodges, with assistance from the Grand Charity, have regularly supported worthwhile charities and offered a helping hand in our community, and they have always assisted our brethren in need.

It can easily be seen that whatever we have achieved, we have made a significant contribution to our well-being and also to our society. It has been a good year, and it has been exciting.

As we now approach the end of the year, and the Christmas period, we are given further purpose.

This is now the time for us all to reflect on our achievements, and to take a break.

It is time for us to spend time with our families and show them how much we have appreciated them allowing us to commit to our masonic agenda. Brethren, there is no way we could have reached this level of achievement without the direct support of our families, so take time for them, recharge your energies, and enjoy their company.

Please remember all those in less fortunate situations, those who are not in the best of health, those whose futures are less certain, those who are no longer with us, and of course, their widows and family. Christmas is a special time for caring, and particularly so as we are all of one company.

It has been an honour to share in your good fortune this year, and in thanking you for the wonderful hospitality we have been shown during the past year, Gael and I also wish you all the very best for the festive season - and beyond.

Freemasonry is alive and exciting

This year has shown that we are truly all of one company. The photos on the following page put the 2019 masonic year in review and help us remember its highlights.

During this year our Grand Master has officially represented us in other masonic orders and jurisdictions. But he has paid special attention to our own lodges across NSW and ACT and visited many including lodges Jose Rizal, Swansea Belmont, Ballina United, Theo Grey, Gowrie of Canberra, Taralga, Young Burrangong, West Epping, Resurgo, Wagga Wagga, Woollahra, Bland, Antiquity, Illawarra, Balmain Lodge, Merrylands, Honour, The Yass Lodge Of Concord, Cronulla, Coeur De Lion - Narooma, Galileo, Mark Owen, Aviation, The Cedars Lodge and many many more.

Sydney Masonic Centre end of year closure

Please note that the Masonic Centre and Grand Secretariat will close midday, Friday, 20 December 2019 and re-open on Monday, 6 January 2020.

In case of emergency during the above period please contact the Grand Secretary, RW Bro Stephen Green on 0488 331 855.

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