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Published 17 June 2020

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The Next Steps

Brethren, I trust you are all well and looking forward to returning to Lodge.

The NSW Health Minister has issued general guidelines for a "Covid Safe" return and these offer us a clear path ahead. The path will follow a clear step process which will ensure that we act in accordance with the Health protocols promoted by Government. The first step is to have a set of Safety Guidelines approved by the Chief Health Officer, and these guidelines will largely follow the criteria I set out in my Zoom presentation of 27 May - 'Turning the Current Restrictions into Advantages'. When it is deemed safe for us to return, we will be advised by the Chief Health Officer on the directions we are to follow. Until then, this is now the time for building owners and managers to start readying our lodge rooms for meetings, with a clear cleaning and disinfectant program to be introduced.

There is no doubt, that even when we are cleared to return, we will be meeting under a strict minimal contact and regular disinfectant program for some time to come.

Brethren, it is worth noting that the Grand Lodge of Victoria has indicated that their Country Lodges will possibly be meeting again from 01 August, and this at least gives us something to think about. Rest assured, as advice on the next step we are to take is received from the Health Officials, you will be quickly informed through this Newsletter.

Each week sees us closer to a return but your individual safety is my ultimate concern and we do need to get this right. Thank you for your patience.

So mote it be

Derek Robson AM
Grand Master

From the Board of Management

Hi all, as we get closer to a return to lodge we will need to comply with some Government guidelines and expectations as the Grand Master has previously indicated. The Grand Master's Task Team has been involved in assisting with the Safety Checklist we are required to have approved by the NSW Chief Health Officer and this will of course be specific to Freemasonry and involve minimal contact albeit we know that we will still be required to comply with the 1 person per 4 square metre rule. Many of our brethren are in the "Vulnerable People" category so before we can get back to lodge, we do need to meet these strict and relevant health protocols which will be applied to us as Masons.

The Grand Master will keep us informed through this newsletter immediately any further details and approvals are provided by the Government, and in the meantime, the Board of Management will be working on a Social Media Blitz, which will promote our return. Until then, it is up to us to prepare our lodge rooms and this will require much more than just a quick dust off. In next week's newsletter, we will provide some guidelines and advice on this preparation.

Please, stay safe and look after each other.

RW Bro Les Hicks
Chairman Board of Management

Grand Secretary Notices

Pre Capitation Lists

All Lodge Secretaries are reminded to submit their revised Pre Capitation members list to the Grand Lodge Secretariat.

It is very important these lists are checked and all members details properly updated before the end of financial year.

Grand Lodge Officers to remain in their positions

As suggested by the Grand Master in his presentation "Turning the Current Restrictions into Advantages", all Grand Lodge Officers will remain in their current positions until circumstances change and elections are permitted to take place.

This position should also be extended to private lodges. All lodge officers should remain in their current positions until an election of officers can safely take place and their successors regularly invested.

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