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Published 20 May 2020

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Staying Safe

Brethren, these are uncertain times and much has been said about the road back to regular masonic meetings.

We all want to see each other in lodge again, but this is the time to curb our aspirations and act with reason. We must adhere to all government guidelines, exercise extreme caution and make sure the safety of our brethren and family is our first priority.

The NSW government announced a three staged plan and it is clear that masonic meetings are not allowed to resume for several weeks or more. During this time, we are working on clear and practical guidelines for lodges to follow when meetings are finally allowed to take place again.

Brethren, you can be assured that you will be properly informed when and how we can return to lodge again. But for now, let us use this time to our advantage and pave the way to a strong and vibrant return when it comes.

"Turning the current restrictions into Advantages" is the topic I will be presenting next week at lodge Wahroonga's online meeting. Details are on the Upcoming Events of this newsletter.

So mote it be

Masonic Firewood

RW Bro Henry Trow and Bro Doug Hill

With absolutely no hall income due to the Covid-19 situation the brethren of Lodge Courallie are taking things into their own hands.

With winter fast approaching, brethren decided to cut and bag legally sourced firewood ready for winter and are selling it to support the Moree Masonic Centre. Thanks to Hill Fitzsimmons for allowing them to sell it from their service area.

Grand Secretary Reminders

Accounting of Funds

It is becoming more and more important that all lodges, hall companies and other groups within our masonic fraternity keep a full accounting of all funds that they control. Many lodges are undertaking more fundraising activities where there is the need to account for funds used for their regular activities as well as for donations to worthwhile causes.

Proper accounting practices and records must be kept so that an audit can be made and in the event that any questions might be asked. This is particularly important when raising funds for charitable causes.

It is important that tax invoices be obtained for even simple activities such as lodge maintenance and regular catering activities. At any time, the lodge may be called on to justify expenses and to ensure that proper accounting procedures are undertaken.

High School Scholarship

The Grand Lodge Trustees are calling for nominations to The Grand Lodge Trustees' High School Scholarships for Year 11 and 12 students. There will be two scholarships of $1,000 each - one for a male and one for a female.

The Scholarships are designed to assist those students in need of financial support that may not be available from their families due to difficult circumstances.

Lodges are invited to nominate candidates for the scholarships, providing as much detail as possible about the candidate, their families, financial and academic details by 31st May 2020 to:

Grand Lodge Trustees' High School Scholarships
c/- Grand Secretary
The United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT
PO Box A259

Masonic Quiz no 4

Question 1

It is a requirement that a Candidate attend a least ___ lodge meetings, before taking his Third Degree.

a) 5
b) 7
c) 11
d) Does not matter

Question 2

What are the colours of the cover of the updated three ritual books?

a) One single book in black
b) Light, mid and dark blue
c) Cream, yellow and blue
d) Photographs of the respective aprons

Question 3

Before a ballot is taken

a) Nominators speak to the character of the candidate
b) Secretary advises all the paperwork is in order
c) Nominations Committee Chairman advises recommendation
d) All of the above

Question 4

When a Candidate is brought to the door of the Lodge, the Outer Guard sounds:

a) An Alarm
b) A report

Question 5

When the lodge is in session the square and compasses on the VSL must be opened at 90 degree angle.


Question 6

At an Installation the Grand Lodge delegation must enter to the lodge:

a) In the Third Degree
b) In the First Degree
c) In the Second Degree
d) In any degree provided that the time for which they were invited has elapsed.

Question 7

Prompting should only be done by:

a) The Worshipful Master
b) The Director of Ceremonies, (or other person specifically nominated by the WM)
c) The Senior Warden
d) Any officer who knows the prompt

Question 8

The Lodge Management Committee, in consultation with the JW, is responsible for the planning and smooth running of the Festive Board.


Question 9

What does the open VSL signify in the Lodge?

a) The Lodge is open
b) The Lodge is closed
c) The Chaplain is conducting a prayer
d) The WM is present

Question 10

"Moreover, it teaches us to correct the errors and irregularities of our temper, the curb the aspirations of unbridled ambition, to moderate the ebullitions of wrath, to repress the malignity of envy, and to encourage every good disposition."
What is the meaning of the word "ebullitions"?

The source of all answers will be provided in the next Grand Master's Newsletter.

Upcoming events

"From Mozart to Schröder"
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: Lodge Germania 1036
Wed, 20 May 7pm
Register Now
Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

Fellowcraft Freemasons Q&A
Masonic Education Network
Thu, 21 May 7pm
Register Now
Q&A run every Thursday alternating between EAFs and FCFs.

"Saturday Zoom Room"
Masonic Education Network
Sat, 23 May 3pm
Register Now
Saturday afternoon meetings run every week with a different topic of discussion.

Live Stream to MEN Facebook Page with WBro Jerry Madulid
Masonic Education Network
Mon, 25 May 9:30pm
Register Now

"Turning the current restrictions into Advantages"
guest speaker: Grand Master, MW Bro Derek Robson AM
Lodge Wahroonga - District 23
Wed, 27 May 7pm
Email link to request invitation

"Sectional Lectures"
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: The Sir Walter Scott Lodge 123
Wed, 27 May 7pm
Register Now
Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

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