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Published 6 May 2020

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The Wait Continues

It seems like ages since we last saw each other in lodge, and it seems that we have a long way to go yet. But while we wait, there is much we can do.

We can follow the lead of our Grand Chaplain, RW Bro Sam Tov-Lev, who regularly rings as many friends as he can to check on their families and offer a sense of warm friendship. We can join in educational groups on Zoom, interact with each other for some subtle lodge related business, or make plans for a solid beginning when that time arises.

The BoM is continuing to progress its business and we will benefit from their work when we do return.

For now, it is for all of us to remain positive, continue our social virtual meetings, conjure up more interactive opportunities trying to involve as many as possible. Please also strive to involve our prospective candidates in your gatherings.

And from all the staff back in Grand Lodge - Stay safe, think about lodge and enjoy the benefits of isolation with family.

So mote it be

Your Board of Management

As we work our way through these difficult times where lodge meetings are in hiatus and Zoom meetings are used as a means of communication for our lodges and management teams you can be assured that your Board of Management is not by any means "sitting on their hands".

We are progressing with the normal lodge building improvement program to ensure that we all get a welcome feeling and sense of belonging when we return, also, all business relating to administration and/or Board of Management is continuing through email to those who need to be involved.

Clearly, no directional or substantive issues will be progressed until the round table face to face meetings can be achieved. But there is still much to do with buildings, communication, membership, operations, education and private lodges all working hard to meet their commitments. Our Grand Treasurer and the Finance and Audit Committee are meeting weekly, likewise our Masonicare and Magazine committees are also working hard to deliver and I congratulate all concerned for the extra effort they are providing our organisation during what are tough and testing times.

I look forward to a return to normal business practice but until then we will continue to serve this Grand Lodge in all capacities to the best of our ability.

Take Care Brethren.

RW Bro Les Hicks
Chairman, Board of Management

A Lone Vigil

Due to social distance rules in place, Coffs Harbour Daylight Lodge decided to host a small ANZAC service of their own.

The service was held at the Coffs Harbour Masonic Centre. The participants were the WM, RW Bro Gary Chandler, and the DC, RW Bro Doug McCumstie. Music was supplied with a laptop through a blue tooth speaker which was more than sufficient for the occasion.

The event was witnessed by residents of the Masonic village from their property and locals were appropriately dispersed in their driveways. Due to the positive remarks after the ceremony the lodge could be conducting more services in the future.

Masonic Quiz no 3

Question 1

On rising to deliver a Charge or an Address, brethren shall salute the WM. They shall salute again on completion.


Question 2

What do the three Great Emblematic Lights in Freemasonry represent?

a) the Volume of the Sacred Law
b) the square
c) the compasses
d) all of the above

Question 3

Why is the candidate deprived of all monies and metallic substances?

a) to put his principles in some measure to the test
b) to prove the brethren that he was not in possession of money of metallic substances
c) to teach him a lesson about charity
d) all of the above

Question 4

What are the Working Tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason?

a) the square and compasses
b) the gavel and the square
c) the twenty four inch gauge, common gavel and the chisel
d) the Volume of the Sacred Law

Question 5

What is the name of the left pillar at the porch or entrance of King Solomon's Temple?

Question 6 A

When instructed to "prove the Lodge close tyled", the IG give one knock and the OG replies with one knock, but the door of the Lodge is not opened.


Question 6 B

When instructed to "see the Lodge properly tyled" the IG gives one knock and awaits a reply before opening the door to ascertain if the OG is in attendance.


Question 7

What are the three Great Pillars which support a masons lodge?

a) Wisdom, Ritual & Education
b) Wisdom, Strength & Beauty
c) Wisdom, Strength & Harmony
d) something else

Question 8

A Lodge of Emergency may be held at the discretion of the WM. A summons (Notice Paper) must be sent to the members of the lodge. Other than the business listed in the Notice Paper no other business shall take place.


Question 9

A Master Mason's apron should be worn outside the coat in winter months.


Question 10

Complete the missing words:
In response the WM's question "Why are you so placed?" the JW replies "To mark the Sun at its ___, to call the Brethren from labour to refreshment, and from refreshment of labour, that ___ and ___ may be the result."

The source of all answers will be provided in the next Grand Master's Newsletter.

Upcoming events

"Lodge Liverpool military history and Masonic Numbers"
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: Lodge Liverpool 197
Wed, 6 May 7pm
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Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

Fellowcraft Freemasons Q&A
Masonic Education Network
Thu, 7 May 7pm
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Q&A run every Thursday alternating between EAFs and FCFs.

"Beyond the Craft" by VW Bro Amit Sen
Masonic Education Network
Sat, 9 May 3pm
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Saturday afternoon meetings run every week with a different topic of discussion.

Live Stream to MEN Facebook Page with WBro Jerry Madulid
Masonic Education Network
Mon, 10 May 9:30pm
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Wednesday Weekly
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: TBA
Wed, 13 May 7pm
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Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

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