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Published 15 April 2020

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Hello, how are you?

Brethren, there is no doubt that life can throw up some awkward challenges. Over the past weeks, we have all seen some massive changes to our lifestyle, and we clearly have some way to go yet.

While we can dwell on what is best for the circumstances, some things don't actually need to change, and one of those is the wonderful support we can each get from the Craft.

I was thrilled to take a number of calls on Easter Monday from some of our brethren, and it is this example of a warm and caring chat which can make all the difference in these awkward times. A simple "hello, how are you?" can brighten a day, offer confidence and strength, and importantly, it can make us realise that we are not alone.

As we all go forward into an uncertain tomorrow, let us not forget to ring around and regularly check on each other, always remember the principles of the Craft and the fact that just a simple phone call can make all the difference.

So mote it be

Scottish Rite Masons in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction USA supports the GM's Disaster Relief Appeal

As news about coronavirus has flooded the airwaves, it's understandable that Australia's previous disaster has become a distant memory.

It's only a couple of months ago that bushfires ravaged our country and the destruction it left will be felt for a long time.

In support of the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Appeal, the Supreme Council 33° of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction USA have very kindly donated US$50,000 to the 5 mainland Grand Lodges of Australia.

A wonderful display of Brotherly Love and Relief from across the seas truly showing that we are all masons and part of the same family.

Entered Apprentice Q&A Zoom Room

The Masonic Education Network is hosting the inaugural episode of the Entered Apprentice Freemason Q&A Zoom Room this Thursday, 16 April at 7pm.

This forum is aimed specifically towards our EAFs - who are encouraged to attend, ask, interact and share their views in a relaxed and conversational environment.

Brethren of a higher degree are welcome to attend (particularly mentors), however, we kindly ask that you remain as observers, so as to create a space wherein our EAFs can ask their questions and engage in conversation.

To register your attendance, and to assist us in ensuring only duly qualified Masons are attending the Zoom Room, kindly register using the link below.

Since the start of this initiative there has been steady growth in both Saturday and Wednesday chats and the feedback has been positive.

Register Now

Masonic Education Network:
Facebook - MasonicEduNetDiscord -

Lodge Business

The Board of Management and the Grand Secretariat are still operational and all lodges are still required to lodge LMRs and keep the DGIWs and RGCs informed on their activities.

As usual all LMRs lodged on the Grand Lodge website are automatically copied to the RGC and DGIW.

Upcoming events

Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: Lodge France
Wed, 15 April 7pm
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Entered Apprentice Freemasons Q&A
Masonic Education Network
Thu, 16 April 7pm
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"Ritual differences between Jurisdictions"
Masonic Education Network
Sat, 18 April 3pm
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Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: The Australian Lodge of Harmony
Wed, 22 April 7pm
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Germania goes Mental

In times of social distancing we must be mindful and aware of mental health. Lodge Germania had its first Zoom gathering last week with a men's mental health presentation by Bro Philip Marshall JW. Philip had been sponsored by the lodge to attended a conference on mental health last year.

The presentation is available on YouTube:

The Old Black Shoes

The old black shoes are looking glum, as I pass the lobby door,
"What's wrong with you?" they seem to say, "we're going out no more".

We've taken not a single step, not third or even first,
And ne'er a sign we've seen you give, has Masonry been cursed?"

"It has", I said, "by virus vile, we have to stay at home
Until such time the plague has passed, then once more we can roam.

The Masons' Halls are empty, regalia put away,
Gavels now stay silent, DCs hold no sway.

Volumes of the Sacred Law, on pedestals redundant,
Now Brother Jim contacts his friends, by social posts abundant.

No handshake, word or secret sign, no friendly Festive Board
No Tyler's song to say Goodnight, no organ's well-loved chord.

"Black shoes," I said, "do not despair, our Chain is firm and strong
Our flag of love remains unfurled, we'll sing again our song.

And though our Brethren may have passed, To Grander Lodge Above,
We'll look upon their memories, with everlasting Love;

And in their name, we'll offer help, and soothe the burdened heart;
We'll comfort those who are distressed, thus Masons play their part.

And when this crisis is resolved, we'll sing the old refrain,
Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, Happy to meet again."

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Masonic Quiz no 1 Answers

Question 1: First Degree Book. Preface

Question 2: Book of Constitutions Clause 17.9.4

Question 3: Book of Constitutions Chapter 22 - Approved Masonic Dress page 1

Question 4: Application for Membership. Item 4.c

Question 5: Codifications of Decisions of the Ritual Committee - 2.3

Question 6: Book of Constitutions Clause 11.2.8 and by-laws of your lodge

Question 7: Handbook of Masonic Information & Procedures. Part F, 1.6i

Question 8: First Degree Book. North East Charge. Paragraph 1

Question 9: First Degree Book. North East Charge. 4th last paragraph

Question 10: First Degree Book. Mode of Preparation. Last paragraph. Book of Ruth Chapter 4

Support the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Appeal

The best way to contribute financially to the Disaster Relief fund is via the Masonicare donate page on

A tax deduction receipt for all donations of $2 or more will be automatically provided to you.

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