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Published 09 April 2020

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From the Grand Master

Brethren, it is my hope that you are staying healthy and dealing with the current restrictions as well as possible. We can't control the limitations imposed upon us, but we have full control of our mindset and how we deal with them.

Freemasonry teaches us many lessons and we must remember to be the best version of ourselves at all times, especially in the face of adversity. This is why it is important that you and your lodge remain connected.

The Yass Lodge of Concord paved the path with their online meeting. Now, many other lodges are conducting social activities, business meetings and masonic education discussions online via zoom or other platforms.

If your lodge or group is hosting an online event, please send the details to and we will publish the invitation in the next newsletter.

So mote it be.

Masonic Quiz no 1

Question 1

The United Grand Lodge of NSW was formed in:

a) 1902
b) 1888
c) 1930

Question 2

Ballots can be conducted for more than one candidate at a time.


Question 3

When attending lodge, Summer Dress should be worn to meetings falling within the period specified for Daylight Saving Time.


Question 4

All applicants for Freemasonry must obtain a National Police Check which is to be submitted with their joining application.


Question 5

Ballots should be conducted after the admission of visitors?


Question 6

Members of a lodge may be excluded for non payment of dues.


Question 7

How long after being raised to the rank of Master Mason are brethren eligible to join other orders in Freemasonry?

a) One year
b) Immediately
b) Two years
c) Three years

Question 8

Complete the missing words:
"...You are doubtless aware that at the erection of all ___ or___ edifices it is customary to lay the foundation stone in the North Eastern corner of the building..."

Question 9

Name the two topics that are forbidden to be discussed in Lodge.

Question 10

Who plucked off his shoe and gave it to his brother?
Why did he do that?

The source of all answers will be provided in the next Grand Master's Newsletter.

Grand Secretariat operations during the Coronavirus pandemic

We have all heard recently the phrase "extraordinary times require extraordinary measures."

The Grand Secretariat is no different, during these difficult times, dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect this pandemic is having on all of us.

Staff have been placed on a four-day roster in such a way as to ensure appropriate social distancing and secure proper health outcomes, whilst maintaining a suitable level of service to our membership. Some staff have been set up to work from home as requested by authorities.

These measures are being regularly monitored in order to be in line with government regulations as they are introduced.

Meanwhile, it is requested that the preferred method of contacting the Secretariat is via email to: which is then directed to the appropriate staff member. It is recommended that members and visitors avoid travelling to the Sydney Masonic Centre at this time.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Masonic Education Network holding Zoom meetings twice a week

With the current restrictions imposed by the COVID-19, the Masonic Education Network is hosting two educational Zoom Chats every week throughout the crisis.

The goal is to not only bring masons together and maintain Masonic connections, but to encourage brethren to use their time in isolation to learn more about the Craft.

The first M.E.N. Zoom Chat was held on Saturday, 21 March. On Wednesday, 01 April, Lodge Liverpool led the discussion presenting two topics: Flaming Sword and Jacob's Ladder. This was very well received with 43 participants dropping in.

On the following Wednesday, Lodge Southern Cross brought the topic: Candidate Mentoring and Proficiency.

Each Wednesday, M.E.N. will be inviting a different lodge to take the reins and bring their Lodge culture to the network.

Since the start of this initiative there has been steady growth in both Saturday and Wednesday chats and the feedback has been positive.

The Masonic Education Network is an independent group that has been using social media to bring brethren together for educative purposes.


Wednesdays 7pm via Zoom
Saturdays 3pm via Zoom

How to participate and get involved:

WhatsApp group created in 2018
Facebook - MasonicEduNet
Discord -

June Grand Communication

Due to the current imposed restrictions and to preserve the health and well being of the brethren the Grand Master has postponed the June Grand Communication as per Clauses 4.1 and 4.2 of the Book of Constitutions.

Are your contact details up to date?

To continue to receive the Freemason magazine, emails and invitation to online meetings it is important your contact details are up to date.

Please update your details on the Grand Lodge website or with your lodge secretary and urge your fellow brethren to do the same.

Hosting a zoom meeting?

If you are hosting an online meeting and want to invite other brethren, send the meeting link to and we will publish it in the next GM's Newsletter.

Support the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Appeal

The best way to contribute financially to the Disaster Relief fund is via the Masonicare donate page on

A tax deduction receipt for all donations of $2 or more will be automatically provided to you.

How are you and your lodge staying connected?

Write a paragraph or two, add a good large photograph and send it to

Your story will be considered for this newsletter, the next Freemason magazine and might even feature in our official facebook page. Just make sure you have permission from all mentioned and depicted for their image to be publicly published.

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In a world often dictated by hate and segregation, membership of an organisation capable of uniting men of all religions, colours and even accents is more relevant than ever.

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