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Published 20 February 2020

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From the Grand Master

Brethren, thank you all for your marvellous support of the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Appeal. Donations have been steadily received from many Lodges and individual masons. It is particularly pleasing to now see Districts coming together and conducting functions which benefit the Appeal.

This Newsletter will continue to highlight various events and activities, as a way of reminding you how your members might be able to come together for a social function with members and their families, with the sole purpose of enjoying each-others company, and hopefully raising a few dollars.

Please note that the Appeal is to be a continuous effort and will run until at least Christmas and certainly until all of our communities have their dignity restored. This gives us enough time to plan events which can benefit your membership.

On the last weekend in February I will be attending the Grand Installation of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania. And the Victoria Grand Installation from 3 to 5 April. These events are important occasions for us all to come together and enjoy the experience of Freemasonry.

Grand Master to represent us at the Grand Lodge of Tasmania Grand Installation

Our Grand Master, MW Bro Derek Robson AM and his partner Gael Knox will be attending the Grand Lodge of Tasmania Grand Installation and associated events from Thursday, 27 February until Sunday, 1 March 2020.

The event will mark the Installation of RW Bro Philip Frederick Oddie as the 39th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Tasmania.

Coming Up

Lodge Oberon

This Saturday, 22 February the Grand Master will again cross the Great Dividing Range and attend Lodge Oberon for its 100th Installation.

Grand Director of Ceremonies Course

Canberra was fortunate to have a course run by the Grand Director of Ceremonies on Sunday, 16 February 2020, the day after the Consecration of Lodge Canberra Daylight no 1057.

It is not everyday that brethren can get to sit, watch, listen, discuss and practice the finer points of the art of being the representative of the Grand Director of Ceremonies. But this is exactly what happened. The GDC ran a very informative session with the participation of other members of the Ceremonial Team and the Grand Master.

"The V S L is that Great Light which will guide you to all truth, direct your steps in the paths of happiness, and point out to you the whole duty of man."

Gowrie visits Queanbeyan

Lodge Gowrie of Canberra, with a delegation of seven members, paid a fraternal visit to Lodge Queanbeyan St Andrew to witness an Initiation followed by the First Degree Tracing Board.

Congratulations to the newest member of the craft.

Freemasons Park gets a plaque

A nice plaque has been added to the newly inaugurated Freemasons Park at Cessnock. Congratulations to all Masons from the Hunter Valley.

Twin Towns Daylight

Lodge Twin Towns Daylight joins in and presents a cheque to VW Bro Ray Weblin DGIW in aid of the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Fund Appeal.

"He ought to be of exemplary character, courteous in manner, easy of address, but steady and firm in principle."

Support the Grand Master's Disaster Relief Appeal

The best way to contribute financially to the Disaster Relief fund is via the Masonicare donate page on

A tax deduction receipt for all donations of $2 or more will be automatically provided to you.

Do you know of an interesting story? Has your lodge done something special? How about that recent fundraising, social activity you organised or visit from the Grand Master? Why not share it?

If you have something to tell, write a paragraph or two, add a good large photograph and send it to

Your article will be considered for this newsletter, the next Freemason magazine and might even feature in our official facebook page. Just make sure you have permission from all mentioned and depicted for their image to be publicly published.

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