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Working Bee for RFS volunteer

Brothers Dean Colwill and Phil Klein have been very busy lately assisting with the current bushfire crisis as volunteer firefighters.

Lodge Ethos and Lodge Gowrie of Canberra are pulling together some working bees to support these brethren by undertaking work around their respective homes that they haven't been able to do themselves due to their firefighting duties.

The lodges have been made aware that Bro Colwill has been undertaking some landscape renovations and has been unable to complete this work. Brethren from Lodge Ethos and Lodge Gowrie of Canberra attended the home of Bro Colwill last Saturday afternoon to assist in completing the work.

The brethren spent several hours on a warm and smoky day shifting road base from the driveway to the backyard, preparing the ground and levelling it in preparation for artificial grass. They have also spent some time removing rocks from garden beds, top dressing those beds, replacing rocks, top dressing the nature strip, weeding the whole area and mowing and edging the front lawn.

Bro Dean's wife's car also needed some attention and a good wash saw it look presentable once again.

Brother Buckley stated in a message to the volunteers:

"Thank you for volunteering. It truly affirms my faith in the Freemason principle of charity, and I want you to know I am appreciative of your offer of service. I'm glad we were able to assist our Brother, but also show his wife the type of community that her husband has joined."

Bro Mitch Buckley

Brother Buckley's motivation was to say thank you to those who have done so much for others. With that approach he has also approached the Rural Fire Service to offer similar support to members of the RFS who may not be able to attend to their own homes.


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