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Masons again stepped forward to show their support and generosity in raising funds to provide financial help for Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

Two cheques totalling $4,000 were presented after a collecting period lasting four years involving members of the Rose Croix Chapters and Councils in the District of Sydney South.

The District Commander, V Ill Bro Theo Lianos, accompanied by various members, presented a cheque for $3,000 in memory of the late RW Bro Jack Hely and another for $1,000 on behalf of the members of the district.

The ceremony was held at the research centre and the cheques were received by Professor George Paxinos, senior principal research scientist and Alicia Flynn, research assistant.

NeuRA has been conducting a campaign titled ‘Standing Tall’ which seeks to improve the balance of people and reduce the number of falls and is open to people aged 65 or older who live in the Sydney metropolitan area.

It says falls are very common in older populations with one in three people over 65 having a fall each year and about half will fall again, with a quarter of all falls resulting in injury.

Their program offers an individualised and evidence-based approach to fall prevention and involves a homebased program. This includes balance exercises, brain training if required to help you think quicker on your feet and behavioural therapy to address low moods or concerns about falls.

NeuRA points out the program is free, the exercises can be done at home and volunteers are making an important contribution to medical research. Any person interested can make contact by calling 02 93991888 or email to:

Article extracted from Freemason magazine, September 2019, page 32.


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