Published 22 April 2020

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A Different ANZAC Day

Brethren, this Saturday will mark the most peculiar ANZAC Day of our lives.

The ANZAC Day is a day to commemorate, but most importantly, to acknowledge and support all those who served our country in many wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

But this year we will not be able to support our veterans at the ANZAC Day parade or at the local RSL. We won't be able to listen to their stories and give them the respect and attention they deserve in person.

Brethren, we are all in this together and I humbly ask you to pick up the phone and call a Brother you know who is or has been in the defence forces.

It is in our power to make this unique ANZAC Day a special day they will not forget.

Thank you

Masonic Quiz no 2

Question 1

Other than MAS applications, applications for Membership must be endorsed by two or more MMs, one of whom has been known by the applicant for a period no less than:

a) One year
b) Three years
c) Four years
d) Does not matter

Question 2

On rising to deliver a charge or an address, brethren must:

a) salute the Worshipful Master on rising and on completion
b) salute only on rising
c) salute only on completion
d) only solute when they are retiring from the lodge

Question 3

All applicants for Freemasonry must submit a National Police Check with their application.


Question 4

All Notices of Motion shall be in writing, and delivered to the Secretary, at least:

a) 7 days prior to the regular lodge meeting
b) 30 days prior to the regular lodge meeting
c) 14 days prior to the regular lodge meeting
d) during general business once the meeting is opened

Question 5

On an alarm, the JW gavels before announcing the alarm to the WM.


Question 6

The Grand Principles on which Freemasonry is founded are.

a) Brotherly love
b) Relief
c) Truth
d) Brotherly love, Relief and Truth

Question 7

During the closing in the First Degree, the JW gavels before informing the WM that the Lodge proves close tyled:


Question 8

The jewels of a lodge are three moveable and three immovable. The moveable jewels are the Tracing Board, the Rough and Perfect Ashlar.


Question 9

When the GDC announces that the DGIW or RGC are about to retire the Deacons immediately take up their positions at the JW's pedestal and the DC moves to the south east corner of the mosaic pavement.


Question 10

Identify the missing words:
"...Brethren, before the Lodge is closed, let us, with all reverence and humility, express our ___ to the Great Architect of the Universe for favours already received, and may He, is His goodness, continue to support our Order, by cementing its members in ___ and unity and adorning then with every moral and social virtue..."

The source of all answers will be provided in the next Grand Master's Newsletter.

Fellowcrafts Q&A Zoom Room

On the back of the success of the Entered Apprentice Freemason Q&A Zoom Room held last week, the Masonic Education Network is hosting another Q&A Zoom Room, this time focused on Fellowcraft Freemasons.

The Zoom Room will take place this Thursday, 23 April at 7pm.

This forum intends to bring our FCFs to an open and inclusive environment where they can ask questions and engage in a conversation with other more experienced masons, without being lectured at for long periods and without being 'passive recipients'. FCFs are encouraged to float ideas and explore them on their own terms.

Mentors and brethren of a higher degree are welcome to attend, but we kindly ask that you remain as observers, in order to create a space wherein our Fellowcrafts can ask their questions and engage in conversation.

To register your attendance, and to assist us in ensuring only duly qualified Masons are attending the Zoom Room, kindly register using the link below.

Register Now

Masonic Education Network:
Facebook - MasonicEduNetDiscord -

Upcoming events

"The odes sung in Masonic Ceremonies"
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: The Australian Lodge of Harmony
Wed, 22 April 7pm
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Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

Fellowcraft Freemasons Q&A
Masonic Education Network
Thu, 23 April 7pm
Register Now
Q&A run every Thursday alternating between EAFs and FCFs.

"Reflections on the 1st Degree Tracing Board"
Masonic Education Network
Sat, 25 April 3pm
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Saturday afternoon meetings run every week with a different topic of discussion.

Live Stream to MEN Facebook Page with WBro Jerry Madulid
Masonic Education Network
Mon, 27 April 7pm
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"NSW Ritual History - Understanding whence we came to determine whither our course"
Masonic Education Network
guest lodge: Lodge John Williams 148
Wed, 29 April 7pm
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Every Wednesday a guest lodge takes the centre stage and conducts the presentation on a topic of their choosing

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If you are hosting an online meeting and want to invite other brethren, send the meeting link to and we will publish it in the next GM's Newsletter.

Grand Secretary Reminders

Grand Officers Applications

Brethren are reminded that nominations for Grand Officers close at 4pm on Friday, 01 May 2020.

Annual Financial Statements

There are lodges who have failed to submit their Audited Annual Financial Statements. It is important that all outstanding financial reports are lodged without delay.

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